Dr. Renee,

This is long overdue. First of all I want to thank you for waiting so patiently for me to come to you for help for the past 7 ½ years. I could kick myself in the butt for not coming earlier.

I have come to truly believe that you have this amazing power to sense and heal people from all walks of life. Yu have an amazing gift from God!

Since I’ve only become a new patient recently, I have seen and felt the power of healing through you. The most profound effect that you have given me is my hearing. Even though I still need to wear my hearing aid, I am now able to talk on my cell phone without my hearing aids. Without sound, light and acupuncture therapy and your healing touch, I truly believe and know why I’m able to progress this far. I jumped for Joy and told several people what I experienced in the few months I have been with you as a patient. 

I will forever remember this gift that you provided for me through the Amazing Power of God! I’m excited to see what else God has in store for me through your healing touch!

May God Bless You Always,



After experiencing such good care and results for my 2 year-old daughter; I decided that I would bring my 7 year-old son for chiropractic care. He had been experiencing neck cramping for years, but his increased sensitivity to sound, lights, and high levels of activity were concerning to me. He just seemed uncomfortable in his own skin and seemed more and more withdrawn and in his own world- not eating well, not sleeping well, and distant.

During his first adjustment, he experienced a huge emotional release and seemed to be more himself at that moment. The rest of the day was so calm and relaxed- a state that had been so rare for him. He was PRESENT, and seemed more than cooperative and happy- he seemed genuinely joyful for the first time in a long time. With successive adjustments, he seems more himself- more the happy, sweet spirit he always had been. He has been able to sleep and to get to sleep better than at any other time in his life. He has had a better appetite, has the ability to pay better attention to what he is doing and what other around him are doing. 

In my son’s own words, “ I think it is great! It feel good: I feel more mobile, calmer, and happier. Before Dr. Renee, I felt crooked, uncomfortable, and stiff. I was scared the first time I came, but Dr. Renee comforted me. The moment I get into the room, I feel nice. My body feels quiet, like I am flying. My advice for everybody who comes is to just be relaxed.



I was told by a close friend that Dr. Renee is someone you can trust with your body. I had suffered intense pain in my upper back for years. Massage therapy worked for a day or two but the pain would return. 

Since receiving chiropractic treatment from Dr. Renee I have more energy; the pain had subsided and I find myself more active. My energy is very mellow versus manic. I running on fuel now instead of fumes. Dr. Renee has been given a gift in the healing arts. She has intuitions that allow her to be very effective in a person’s healing process.



Dr. Renee and I have been working together on a path of healing. It started as chiropractic. I never thought about the things we hold in our body. Experienced, feelings, etc. At Appointments she would point things out that I could change or fix because they were affecting my physically. Then I tried one of her healing massages. AMAZING! She has a gift for reading bodies. Each session something amazing happened. Not only was my body feeling better, but I began clearing the negative emotional stuff buried inside. I never imagined that so much was buried. Guess I’m the pack rat with emotions. Stuffing them into nooks and crannies and it was not good for my body. At one of these sessions she encourages me to paint. My husband and I had been working on some projects for our home and I had been painting and enjoyed that but it was never beyond sunsets, flowers, etc. I never thought to paint things for myself. Things I felt, saw, experienced…and then share them. Painting this has been an amazing experience. Being a self taught artist it has encouraged me to expand and grow in my abilities, but it has also given a voice to the sometimes unspeakable, the beautiful, wonderful and lovely. Each piece has been healing, freeing, and magical. I hope you enjoy them as much. So this series is the results of one of our sessions. A series I am proud to share with you. I highly recommend, the healing work of Dr. Renee.



Dr. Renee,

When I look back comparing where I was before coming to you and where I am now, it is amazing. I am so thankful that you were here and willing to help me, determined even. It changes my life on a daily basis to not wake up in pain, to not be in fear of what is wrong, and why it can’t be fixed. To be able to turn my focus onto what is important in life on growing and strengthening my spirit, on finding my path, on serving those I love in my relationships and strengthening those relationships while seeking my place to serve the greater good. I thank you for your help with strengthening and opening my spirit- I am so excited for the continued work. For guiding me with words of wisdom, encouragement, and of the spirit, for passing on the message as they come, for sharing your energy and spirit with me. You are truly a blessing to me and to all who come to you seeking help. I know we must give glory to God for these gifts and please know that I have expressed my thanks for the service you provide many times over in prayer. I do also want you to know that I am thankful. Thank you for your heart of service, for embracing and using your gifts to the greater good, for healing others, for guiding others in their spiritual paths, and for sharing your spirit. Through your work and all you do, you truly do change the world one little life at a time. 



I was referred to Dr. Renee by a concerned friend who witnessed a migraine. He told me to seek out Dr. Renee as she had helped him with back problems. It was really a kind of last ditch effort on my part as I had been having migraines for months and has seen so many specialists that had found nothing and offered no help that I was starting to believe that migraines had “no cause and no cure.” I was tired, I was hurting more than I was wasn’t with three to five migraines a week and I was losing hope and really beginning to wander if anyone would help me or could help me. Doctors had ruled out brain tumor, optical nerve damage, and other common causes that are treatable so I knew that this serious problem was supposedly not a serious problem even though it was getting worse and affecting my life and well-being in ways that were very serious. I also knew my fear was serious, at 30 years old horrible headaches with weird sensations like numbness and tingling in your hands and your pupils dilating at different rates not only feels serious, but is scary to experience. I don’t know how many times I thanks my friends for sending me here, but thanks can’t do it justice. Through his referral and Dr. Renee’s treatment my migraines are amazingly reduced. I am down to maybe three migraines a month with no preventative medication and generally I can stop a migraine from starting without prescriptions. I feel holistically better and that is because with Dr. Renee I got holistic treatment. She had the talent, insight, and ability to see the whole picture and to treat the whole me. I can never thank her enough but I can share my story with the hope that others will seek treatment and not just as a last ditch effort as a part of their care as soon as possible. When I have a headache now I am amazed that I was living with those three to five days a week and I don’t know how I did it; I do know why and that is that I didn’t know. I didn’t know that chiropractor care could help and I didn’t know it would help so much. I am forever thankful I found Dr. Renee and that her kind and helpful spirit gave me the healing I needed. I hoe anyone reading this will seek care and that they may have the experience I did as well. 



I am a 42 year old male who has had chiropractic care since age 16. Being very active my entire life and sometimes participating in what some would consider dangerous sports such as snowboarding and mountain biking I have had many chinks in my armor so to speak. The worst of those was breaking my back 13 years ago in a snowboarding accident. My health began to spiral downward from there both physically and emotionally. No matter what I did from chiropractic, to yoga, to qigong, only temporary relief seems attainable. Then something profound happened, maybe it was even a bit of divine intervention. I met Dr. Renee Hilmer and I knew something was about to change for the better in my life. She suggested an intensive chiropractic treatment program. What a concept. Nobody had ever suggested such an idea to me, so I would only go for adjustments when I felt bad. I was a little apprehensive at first, but got on board and started the program. Major changes started happening within one month of treatments at 3 times per week. This was it. The key to getting better that I could not figure out for myself, repeated chiropractic adjustments. The frequency of treatments gradually decreases with Dr. Renee’s plan and for me so did the pain and discomfort. My tai chi, qigong, and spiritual practices have all gained strength which I feel is a direct result of her work and mine too. If you getting good work form a healer, you must honor that and have your own practice to aid the process.



I met Dr. Renee at the Farmer’s Market one Saturday morning. My main complaints concerning my health prior to receiving care were; feeling tires all the time, my allergies were causing me to have rash breakouts on my face and neck, and experiencing many aches and pains all the time coupled with stress and depression. 

Since receiving care from Dr. Renee, I have a lot of relief. I am stronger and more energetic, and my allergy skin rash is gone. I can even stay outside in my yard and not be bothered.